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Company is not the credibility of virtue

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[Abstract] definition of corporate responsibility is the premise of company has no moral judgment.Both Eph roentgen by giving the company to a mature, rational human metaphysical status to the definition of corporate social responsibility is reasonable, or step (Larry May) that causes the management of the company is the conduct of the company, company has agents, the view of the staff, are not logically convincingly explain the company can truly concerned about social welfare and public interests.In other words, the company is just a given simulation personality, narrow the rational model, profit is the action of the dominant motive, the company because of its own reason of virtue......
I'm going to do in this paper is: (1) through the reconstruction of the two arguments to discuss these views can successfully defended the "moral responsibility" company assertion; (2) explores the inevitability of the company decision-making structure and in the concept of judgment whether the company could have the moral consciousness.
If you can bear the social responsibility?In the two model of any kind are discussed before, we first consider the problem of responsibility by social contract presumption of cause, the question is "whether the company can undertake social responsibility" in the statement of.Between the enterprise and the social contract is implicit, i.e. it is characterized by implicitness.This term describes the interaction between two to meet people who have accepted patterns of behavior; on enterprises, may serve the public interest in the pursuit of hope at the same time and the creation of profit in."Enterprises in competition with each other to do so, to the customer product and service need to create interest in the form of society, the customer through the employment in enterprises to provide jobs and earn meet their desire of the purchasing power of money."Consistency between [1] of this company and the public for continued economic growth enhancement.Along with the growth of corporate profits, the interests of the public in general improved.According to Mervi Anshen (Melvin Anshen) point of view, the progress indicator does not reach a clear agreement, while the main index of enterprises that is economic growth.The results, all kinds of problems to reduce those about social, environmental pollution caused by the status of quality of life, according to the actual effect of cost valuation is very great.That is to say, at the request of enterprises for environmental protection expenditure, enterprises can realize the profit?Or a company can be maintained at a high salary requirement of the state?There is a breach of contract issues.Economic growth index becomes the sole criterion of social progress, and various other values in society, slowly dim to be of little.Each place in the use of technology and equipment, people through chemical products processing and biochemical drug demand growth, the endless search for alternative sources of energy, with the passage of time, the industrial side effect accelerated to meet these needs to always posed to our environmental threats.At the same time, the product costs continue to increase without a corresponding quality improve, enterprises can not establish the fair employment practices are more obvious harm to society.These problems damage, defiled people 's trust.People don't believe the company concerned about the public interest perspective.
In order to ease the divorced public and enterprise division situation, Ann Shen and other people resort to social contract modification.It will be a kind of institutional arrangement based on each side of the professional knowledge and make between the public and the private.For enterprises, the first thing to do is determined to avoid all kinds of social harm (including employees exposed to health risk pollutants) caused by the cost estimation, and how to use accounting terminology weigh costs in these aspects of the cost.The enterprise and the society through a cooperative effort, to take preventive measures to support and benefit.Enterprises should complete the second tasks are expanding their production capacity, training and employment of minority vulnerable groups.This can improve the existing various customs and the loss in city landscape.The third thing to do is to set up joint state-private mixed in lieu of public contracting parties, such companies to hire staff including private and public sector and other parties to the contractor, the specific needs and mutual concern is stick out a mile.
Because of this contract to the company has all the rights and assume various obligations established a moral standard, it implies the moral role can only be extended to maximize profits this assumption.To make the two roles, each other compatible matching, we must have the company adopted the moral conditions.The two on the agency's argument is an attempt, trying to put the company as moral character, in order to prove that the company this extended role has its rationality.
Eph roentgen is the pioneer a proxy theory, he proved the rationality of the social responsibility of the company.His reason is: design company decision structure for any given action provides the way of action, and represented this way, this way to find a rational basis.Company department arrangement outlined the company decision-making structure contour, regardless of these departments have little difference in performance, their action is doomed to and company policy to maintain consistent, that is to say, the pursuit of profit maximization.The decision structure ", allowing various events restricted conversion, the conversion of these events in another perspective can be seen as the firm characteristics revealed by these events and the biology of people (those in the organization chart to occupy a variety of jobs) action as the company's action."[2] so, according to Ephesians Roentgen's point of view, any implementation of the action can be described as the pay for the company's reason and action."Is caused by the belief and twin company wishes, in other words is relevant and the purpose of the action" [3]

Organization chart company is controlled by various commands to the rules and regulations of the orderly arrangement, these instructions given its significance to the relevant departments.Pay for the implementation of the action follows the rules from the decision path link companies together.Since all the rational company makes the various acts of the company become necessary, it is not difficult to infer and give the company the metaphysical status, that is to say the company into the moral agent and destined to assume the moral responsibility.This point for those who work in the company Department staff adhere to their beliefs given psychological space, regardless of whether they are consistent with company policy.Although the company managers at all levels of faith with corporate objectives conflict, but the reason is still the dominant.Eph roentgen possible conclusion is, the organizational structure of the company is functioning as agents, shall be deemed to be a moral responsibility, because the company's various reason has its own logic.
There are two interrelated this agent argumentation predicament.The first is that companies need "by reason of action" standard proposed a narrow rationality model.In terms of the agency, for reason and action is necessary but not sufficient condition.My actions may not just follow a policy.For example, a person to provide loans for the family grocery store or out of sympathy to the banned chemical pharmacy.This happened because of a variety of emotional role does not exist in the mode of this company.In this case, the individual to bring their role in various beliefs and emotions are unlikely to be considered, because he found to mandatory impressive not "deep basic principle", but the company's rules and regulations of the orderly arrangement.This problem is rooted in the theory of the second difficulties, unable to distinguish two types of "by reason of action": (1) after over in one's mind "have reason to do 'X' (2)" and "according to the plan has a reason to do the 'X'".
The first statement implies a trade-off in the selection of the beliefs and attitudes.For example, a tobacco companies, product research and development department supervisor may hold and realize the functions of various reasons instruction opposite.In this sense, choose a reason for his choice is usually a value, which relates to the selection of other values, such as respect for life, respect for justice, various attitude compassionate.Whether these values to discuss choices may influence how much, the only documented considering only is a collective decision.For example, according to the report of Dow Chemical/Shell Oil to increase fruit yield using DBCP in Costa Rica (DBCP) to control pests, resulting in 81 workers standard fruit and Costa Rica farmers suffered from various diseases, including infertility.If Dow Chemical/Shell an employee Oil out of sympathy, on the use of DBCP (DBCP) scheme voted against it, then this vote because of sympathy for the victims of the votes and won't be recorded, but the company will still have to implement the policy.In the case of tobacco companies, product research
Director of development may be sympathetic to the victim or victims of cigarettes containing insecticide, but his moral motivation will be affected by some other functional departments shall contain.His decision according to the reason is to prevent unnecessary harm, but it is "bad reason from the policy perspective".
In terms of human behavior, once a mistake consequences, conscience will put it into the feelings of remorse and apology, compensate victims through intention, and various new attitude shown repentance.It is because the company chose the way harmful actions, will the company life and community are separated, thus highlighting the company's unscrupulous inertia.Due to the design of organization, lack of deep feelings to the degree, it can only be in accordance with the rules of linear, control modes of action.In short, the action is not from a variety of reasons came over in one's mind, and all kinds of feelings contradiction between also won't happen.This is more restrictive sense "because the reason and action", it makes the company get put roentgen said isolated, lost opportunities, but generous sympathy "in the community.".
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