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The common mistakes of domestic enterprises in brand management

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"Brand strategy" and "brand management" is used to research western marketing scholars and enterprise management personnel issue, in the middle eighty's of the twentieth Century later, brand research suddenly quiet down for more than a decade, to ninety time end, marketing management scholars in Europe and the United States on the brand strategy and interest in the brand and customer purchase behavior of heavy fuel one of the main reasons, including:
A, the product technology diffusion speed, many new technologies have appeared which control by many enterprises, we produce similar products, the product differentiation strategy of product features or characteristics of the hard abiding implementation based on.
B, no matter in the West or developing, more and more enterprises grasp the management and trade management method, the products and services they produce quality basically pass.Similarly, the enterprise development effectiveness of pure quality, support product differentiation strategy is to cut.
Then, using the brand and the differentiation strategy has gradually become the trend of enterprise development, coupled with the "global marketing strategy" to drive, as an effective means of competition of brand has become an important feature of the early twenty-first Century marketing management activities.
As in 2001 China joined the WTO, foreign enterprises sure China is a real, has a huge potential market, have to adjust its China market strategy, accelerate the market penetration.In addition, in order to ensure the long-term competitive advantage, the establishment of brand in the Chinese market investment rose sharply.
Of course, many enterprises also understand brand international is one of the sources of competitive advantage.In fact, from the beginning of the ninety century, international enterprises began to increase investment in the brand construction.With a white-hot brand value evaluation, Wang, brand competition, and recently some domestic enterprise leadership and planning people chanted China market has entered the brand era of the Warring States, wave after wave of, let many people feel not talking about the brand of the enterprise is the backward enterprise management is not good, do not pay attention to the brand marketing personnel; is the market sales managers in low level.
Recently, more and more people talking about the brand, brand building activities to press forward with indomitable will of the momentum, passionate oaths to brands and foreign in China so that the number of global competition, Chinese enterprises will also rise sharply.However, whether they really know how to brand, brand strategy and brand management?
According to the author's observation, I do not hesitate to answer "no."!
Many business leaders and marketing personnel, in the first brand strategy and management, make a lot of basic error.Among the two major errors include:
, behind the brand management and awareness of
Many enterprises still take simple, product brand strategy and management methods focus, completely unaware of the late ninety's successful enterprises have been taken in the "value orientation" (Value-based) marketing management philosophy to the establishment and management of brand strategy, in twenty-first Century to today, brand management to a higher level, excellent enterprises in the value basis, from the "relationship marketing" (Relationship Marketing) point of brand management.
The traditional product characteristics of brand management center point is the enterprise attaches great importance to the function and quality first products.They saw the so-called brand and product image delimit equal-sign, hope that through brand strategy to drive product sales and increase market share, and short-term point of the planning and implementation of brand management.The traditional method of brand management began in the late eighty's of the last century, require enterprises to adopt the integrated marketing communication (Integrated Marketing Communications) method, establish harmonious advertising, sales, CI and public relations activities, promotions and other marketing and marketing communication elements and strengthen the brand image, not only depends on the mass media advertising to build brand.However, the integrated marketing communication object was an external customer focus.Moreover, the integration of resources are still concentrated in the marketing department, other departments within the company to participate in the degree of Brand Management Co., and cross-sectoral cooperation and coordination of activities to support brand little.In other words, brand of traditional management methods, the angle of view very narrow.
In the ninety's, emphasizes the rise of value based marketing management thinking.The outstanding performance of the product in the market, can make in customer is completed, not only get the sense of satisfaction, and made some specific value of tangible or intangible things.The so-called value, including not only economically with money measurable value, including money can't measure value, such as pleasure, identity, comfortable reflected only in the spiritual and psychological value.
"Value orientation" marketing management idea to the traditional product-oriented brand strategy and management thinking focus have a great impact.First of all, successful brand not only build quality and function of products based on, and in the product or service can bring beyond satisfaction value for customers.Secondly, this can let the customers feel value many times can not rely on products and services, not only by integrating marketing communication to convey, but through the enterprise value chain (Value Chain) in various activities, work together to provide to customers.In other words, advertising, product design, marketing activities to do good, also not necessarily can make customers feel the brand value.On the contrary, more likely to bring the negative influence for the brand.For example, many domestic enterprises, advertising, brand awareness (Awareness) rise, but consumers to buy the product retailers, but found the supply can not keep up, or staff service attitude is not good, after complaints and not enterprises to follow up, so, the customer will not enjoy the desired value, until the brand as a negative judgment, negative impact.
Therefore, the value orientation of brand management requires the enterprise with a broad vision, a strategic point of view, a full range of brand building, to give the brand a unique value, let the customer and the public every heard this brand, I recalled the values, so as to make the brand a long stay in the customer's mind, in order to allow customers to easily distinguish the brand and other brands.For example, when it comes to IBM, we think about reliability; Microsoft, which is reminiscent of innovation and let the user friendly operation; talk of Harvard Business School, that is not consciously with the achievement, identity and return value equal.However, many domestic brands, although high visibility, but often only represents a name or just let the Chinese consumers think of its source, is the lack of value content.
Brand management value orientation also requested relevant brand information, can not take care of external customers, we must also consider the internal customers, including employees and to participate in the activities of the value chain link people, such as middlemen, transport companies.Therefore, enterprises can establish truly all-round support brand and value-added.However, looking at the current domestic enterprises, how many know the full range of the establishment of the brand?Among them to instill the brand awareness, educate employees about the value of the brand's activities are also dare not flatter!

finally, worthy of the domestic enterprises concern and worry about change is the ninety's relationship marketing initiatives, brand management thinking from the point of "value" to "relationship".The analysis from the point of view of strategy, the brand is one of competitive advantage, this competition can make the enterprise keep advantage.To achieve this effect, the enterprise should not only make the brand has a certain value, the more will because the value of customers to establish close relationships and long and brand.In other words, customers not only because of this a kind of value and the purchase of the brand, but also willing to repeat purchase, with loyalty to the brand.
Therefore, in the "relationship marketing orientation" under the influence, strategic focus and content of brand management is not the same.For example, a full range of brand building in addition to providing brand promise of value for customers, more attention should be paid to consolidate and strengthen the relationship between brand and customers.Through this relationship, make customers more willing to express the brand value of expectancy and value together with the enterprise to maintain brand.For example, this friend of the purchase of investment funds by a British investment company, although investment is not big, but the company free monthly sent many global economic and investment analysis report, quarterly report and send to return on investment.At the beginning of the year the company acquired a greater investment institutions, the acquisition process and the acquisition of the company's services, for customers to enjoy value, brand change data can timely send.After the purchase, the customer if there is any doubt or query investment report on investment, at any time all can provide, and the company's employees in a very short period of time can give feedback, this let the customer know after the acquisition, the company has not forgotten the customer.On the other hand, let the customer feel the promise of the brand is still in, the company still customer care and maintenance of relations between the two sides have established the.
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