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  • Discussion of the introduction of stock index futures Posted:2009-03-31

    Summary: This article is based on some of the conclusions of the stock index futures on the run in the mature markets, pointed out five major issues that our country stock index futures may be generat

  • The futures industry losses institutional explain Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: In recent years, futures industry to maintain steady development, but the futures brokerage industry has been sluggish, hovering at the edge of the loss. This system losses of the futures in

  • Talking about the second board market Posted:2009-03-31

    The background of the second board market heat sinceJuly 28, 1998 commissioned by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and the Stock Exchange standard consulting firm in Beijing, met for th

  • On the index futures arbitrage process Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: stock index futures, stock price index as the subject matter of the financial futures contracts, futures contracts on all stock transactions through this arbitrage hedge against inflation, c

  • Voluntary market maker behavior analysis in the futures market Posted:2009-03-31

    Summary: the vast majority of futures trading on the world are no designated market maker continuous two-way auction mechanism, the futures market, however, there is a special and important class of t

  • On Financial Futures Exchange, and its exclusive right system Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: Financial Futures Exchange and the Commodity Futures Trading on legal regulation is the same strain, futures exchange futures market and the hub. National law clearly stipulates that all fut

  • Stock index futures final settlement price calculation rules Posted:2009-03-31

    Summary: In the terms of the stock index futures contracts, final settlement price calculation rules is one of the important one, which determines the value of the expiration of stock index futures co

  • China's futures brokerage firm risk management research Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] futures brokerage firm to improve the competitiveness of the key issues in its risk management. The face of the existing problems of China's futures brokerage firm risk management, propose

  • How to develop a futures investment funds Posted:2009-03-30

    A generation of investment funds of foreign futures and DevelopmentFutures investment funds through fund raising, professional investment institutions as the main futures investment transactions, the

  • Second board market: new economic boosters Posted:2009-03-30

    The second board market, also known as the second board market, the second trading system, is the first board or motherboard market with the existing securities, corresponding and existing concepts. I

  • Deflation and the development of "second board market Posted:2009-03-29

    The second board market is relatively motherboard market, capital market and open to financing for SMEs. Second board market is suffering from the pain of deflation in China, not only can provide an i

  • The basic idea of ??the establishment of the second board market in China Posted:2009-03-29

    Abstract: In this paper, from the point of view of the development of the capital market, combined with the success of the second board market abroad experience and China's reality, describes the func

  • Hong Kong's second board market Cooling Thinking Posted:2009-03-29

    In July 1998, a number of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, the Stock Exchange of experts held in Beijing after the request for certificate of mainland SMEs in Hong Kong Finance listed

  • Stock index futures risk education and risk control Posted:2009-03-12

    papers Keywords: stock index futures risk education Abstract: stock index futures are highly specialized, high degree of risk to rashly involved in the transaction, in the case of a lack of financi

  • Analysis of the impact of RMB appreciation on China's economy Posted:2009-01-11

    [Abstract] RMB appreciation has caused widespread concern at home and abroad. In this paper, start by analyzing the current appreciation of the RMB exchange rate impact at all levels of the economy o

  • Currency collapse Bank Posted:2007-11-21

    A year ago, the prominent feature of the economic situation, the performance of agriculture, mining, manufacturing and transport can not get a normal profit performance for the unemployed and the resu

  • "Inflation" Posted:2007-11-21

    Staying in school holidays, with plenty of time to read, and dream of things which was, away from the noisy outside sound, immersed in reading between the lines, Yoshiya! Happy indeed! If you do not r

  • Theoretical analysis and technical design of executive stock options (b) Posted:2007-11-21

    ConsequencesIt is because of this particular manager selection system can not allow entrepreneurs have the ability to become managers have control over, and the manager's income and the results of the

  • A commercial real estate investment decisions based on real option Posted:2007-11-21

    [Abstract] In this paper, the commercial real estate investment projects has postponed the characteristics of the options, consider the time value of money based on BS model is correct, we construct a

  • Selectable target of monetary policy Posted:2007-11-21

    Most unstable state of the national currency in general by two factors intertwined role - a people to use gold as a standard of value to measure the national currency is not stable; another gold measu

  • Poor sales of new products based on options thinking the right of return pricing simulation Posted:2007-11-21

    Summary options thinking to build a distribution contract provides a reference for the pricing of the contract included the right of return for the risk-sharing companies and distributors. Keywords ne

  • The United States to re-examine the system of stock options Posted:2007-11-21

    Following Enron, Global Telecom, WorldCom, Xerox, and a number of economic giant accounting fraud case have exposure in the United States lead to the questioning of stock options, investors realized t

  • To talk about China's futures industry, cross-industry cooperation Posted:2007-11-21

    Futures industry, cross-industry cooperation, the need for (A) the internal driving force of China's futures industry, cross-industry cooperation The development of China's futures market is gradually

  • Standardized management of the U.S. futures market Posted:2007-11-21

    U.S. futures market, the management system of the Trinity, composed jointly by the federal government, industry associations and futures trading each other strict division of labor, the management sys

  • Discussion on the stock option plan and related issues Posted:2007-11-21

    General sense of stock options (stock option), refers to its holder the right to buy or sell a certain underlying assets - stocks, stock options described herein refers to a specific price within a sp

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