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  • Inertial new understanding Posted:2010-01-24

    When the external force acting on an object is zero, the inertial body remains constant state of motion, that remain at rest or of uniform linear motion; inertia performance external force to change t

  • Inertia and frame of reference Posted:2010-01-20

    All objects always maintain a uniform linear motion or stationary state until the external force it to change this state so far. This is Newton's first law, also known as the law of inertia.The object

  • Principle of relativity and the speed of light Posted:2010-01-19

    The mechanical principle of relativity means: we can not use any mechanical experiments to distinguish an object is stationary or uniform linear motion; any mechanical experimental object at rest or u

  • 2007 Chinese Journalism and Communication Research new topic Posted:2010-01-19

    Abstract important events that occurred in 2007 as the topic, and the year of journalism and communication studies summarized. Keywords News spread new topic 2007 was called the year and the informati

  • Analysis of the physical convergence Teaching and constructivism Posted:2010-01-11

    Paper Keywords: constructivist learning theory to guide middle and high school physics teaching sexual summary of papers: to do a good job in the beginning of high school physics teaching convergenc

  • About the role of multimedia in physics teaching Posted:2009-12-29

    papers Keywords: the a multimedia physics teaching role Abstract: teachers in physics teaching application of multimedia can stimulate students' interest in learning and inspire the imagination of s

  • On the physical status and role of experiments in teaching Posted:2009-12-28

    As we all know, physics is based on experiment-based science, physics teaching must be based on experiments. In China's history of high school physics syllabus, are very emphasized this view. With the

  • About teaching physics experiments in the context of new curriculum Posted:2009-12-26

    [Paper Keywords] physical experimental three-dimensional target ideological and moral psychological qualities [abstract] physics experiment teaching as a carrier, through ideological and moral quali

  • Analysis on the inquiry of the junior high school physics teaching Posted:2009-12-25

    Paper Keywords: inquiry teaching scientific inquiry training students to explore methods junior high school physical self-learning teaching methods to guide students ; inquiry process teachers 'New St

  • Descriptions junior high school physical education several links Posted:2009-12-24

    [papers keyword] stimulate interest to observe the experiment adept questions than thinking [abstract] in the context of the new curriculum reform, the teachers how to teach students how to learn, h

  • On the inertia force Posted:2009-12-22

    papers Keywords: inertial force of inertia of the object Objects by the inertia force to accelerate the whereabouts of the until contact with acceleration Department, is still subject to the force of

  • The brief High School new physics textbook teaching Posted:2009-12-21

    [Paper Keywords] inquiry experiment three dimensions [abstract] new textbooks in three dimensions on the knowledge and skills, processes and methods, emotional attitudes and values, proposed specifi

  • About idealized physics Posted:2009-12-16

    papers Keywords: idealized understanding of the modeling process Abstract: idealized method people understand things, discover things inherent nature and the laws of the process of formation of a th

  • Stimulate students' physical interest in learning and practice Posted:2009-12-15

    Abstract: The physical core of teaching is to focus on the ability of students to teach students to study physical problems, training students' physical skills. Junior high school physics teaching in

  • On the General Principle of Relativity Posted:2009-12-11

    Keywords: the mass inertia electricity the relativity of simultaneity and time relative Previously relativistic sub-movement and co-movement at the same time to reach the end. Relative time (if the

  • General Principle of Relativity (d) Posted:2009-12-07

    The object has a gravitational. The gravitational attraction gravitational mass of the object, the object containing the gravitational mass are attracted to each other. Gravitational mass objects by g

  • How to play the main role of teachers in the Middle School Physics Teaching Posted:2009-12-06

    Teachers in the teaching and learning activities led students to the subject, teachers and students are complementary interactive teaching activities the two sides. The teachers want to cultivate the

  • Generation of quantum way of thinking, features on contemporary society Posted:2009-12-04

    [Abstract] scientific and technological development, a full range of profound impact on the existence and development of human society, which is particularly noteworthy is the way humans think. This p

  • On the principle of relativity and the speed of light Posted:2009-12-02

    The famous Michelson - Morley experiment to completely negate the optical Ethernet doctrine, come to the conclusion of light has nothing to do with the frame of reference. In other words, whether you'

  • Light superficial discussion Posted:2009-11-30

    [Abstract] for the understanding of the nature of light, over the years has always been there is a heated debate, this article attempts from the perspective of the corpuscular theory to explore the na

  • Two-electrode electrochemical CO sensor development Posted:2009-11-30

    Abstract: The ion conductive polymer Nafion membrane as the electrolyte material with nano-Pt prepared electrodes fixed to the porous PTFE membrane key technology to develop a new type of low-power, h

  • Unique perspective of the General Principle of Relativity Posted:2009-11-29

    We know (in the inertial reference frame, the reason why the law of inertia established because the stationary uniform linear motion system is not subject to force, in the frame of reference objects f

  • Theoretical basis and experimental support for atoms with two equal but opposite charge Posted:2009-11-24

    Abstract: The atom is the basic unit to constitute a material atom has a more profound understanding and knowledge of the scientific process of continuous development. Atom consists of positively char

  • On the General Principle of Relativity Posted:2009-11-22

    The free fall on Earth can be generalized to the sun, the Earth can be divided into the sun freefall department objects by solar gravity on Earth, it seems well established law of inertia in the Earth

  • On the electrical nature of gravitation Posted:2009-11-16

    [Abstract] In this paper, the charge center theory of gravitation unified in the nature of the power up, the application of universal gravitation nature be explained matter-wave light volatility, the

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