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  • Party autobiography written with Pham Van Posted:2009-03-31

    An autobiography of the basic content and format autobiography readme Life and Thought evolution of the written form of words, is an important material for party organizations comprehensive, histo

  • xx Municipal Party report on the implementation of the city's leading cadres of the spirit of the General Assembly Posted:2009-03-31

    The county improve the land in accordance with the law the second-round will be held after our nine owned Town Party committees and governments in accordance with the superior arrangements for the dep

  • Administering the City, "four or five" the Franco-Prussian start of the reporting Posted:2009-03-30

    Under the correct leadership of the Municipal, Provincial administering the provincial leading group and office under the guidance of administering the province to implement the five-year planning and

  • Activists ideological report Posted:2009-03-30

    Dear XX units of general Party branch:How are you!Since entering the XX door since the beginning, has been about two years before the project it! In this year's study, life in all respects strict dema

  • XX town to carry out the creation of peace and security activities debriefing Posted:2009-03-30

    In July, the municipal government held a mobilization meeting for the construction of 'Ping An Nanan convey implement Province, Quanzhou work arrangements to carry out activities to build peace. After

  • Summary of personal thoughts Posted:2007-11-25

    Dear office party branch: Since December 2003, I transferred to the Municipal office work has been almost a year, this year, under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and culture under the lea

  • Join the party ideology reporting Pham Van - concept of "Choice" felt Posted:2007-11-25

    A few days ago, watched the film 'Choice' in the process of up to 2 hours 48 minutes show, the plot exciting, the dramatis Li Gaocheng facing painful choices tightly grasped my heart, let me from see

  • Personal control checks Posted:2007-11-25

    This spring, the sudden outbreak of atypical pneumonia epidemic raging , brought to mankind a severe test . Few months time , more than 20 provinces in China into a raging SARS among . Prevention and

  • Join the party ideology reporting Pham Van - in-depth study of Three Represents Posted:2007-11-25

    Probationary period, during that time, while I strive to learn about the business, but also focus on improving the quality of political thought. In summing up the experiences and lessons of the event

  • The ideological reported (Occupational) 1 Posted:2007-11-25

    Integrity is honest, trustworthy. Honest, words and actions are consistent with inner thoughts, do not tell lies, not to knowingly wrong things. Trustworthy, is disloyal, not fail, 'stands by its word

  • Amateur Party learning thinking of reporting (2) Posted:2007-11-25

    First, When I started writing this experience, when my heart is very excited. Really, just as in the hearts of calm as a lake suddenly thrown a stone at him, sparking many waves. I myself have the opp

  • Party school thinking of reporting (students) Posted:2007-11-25

    Beloved party organizations:After two the young Marx PARTY learning, I think the benefit, I have a deep understanding of how to do a qualified party members should play the role of a party members in

  • Latest thinking in reporting (keeping Communist) Posted:2007-11-25

    Party branch:Ever since I have been identified since the party activists to accept the party's education system to understand the party's history, nature, and the goal of founding purpose, organizatio

  • Join the party regularization application form Pham Van Posted:2007-11-25

    I Liu Jun, gender, male, Han nationality people born on May 23, 1979 in Liuzhou City, a cadre of small family. Students of the Department of Information Engineering Information Management Department o

  • Join the party ideology reporting 2 Posted:2007-11-25

    16th CPC National Congress has been the successful conclusion, in the learning of Congress report, I recognize: Innovation is the source of the rapid development of the last ten years. Take the social

  • Education of keeping Communist ideology reporting Posted:2007-11-25

    The 16th CPC National Congress, the party to carry out the important thinking of the 'Three Represents' as the important content to maintain the advanced nature education activities. Party members of

  • The thought report the wording (highlights) Posted:2007-11-25

    Application to join the party activists, in order to facilitate the party organizations to understand their growth conditions, take the initiative to accept the party's culture and education, should b

  • Join the party ideology reporting 1 Posted:2007-11-25

    Divisions party the purpose of 'serving the people', I have a new understanding. As party workers said 'When a party member, the first thing to do a good man, is to serve the people wholeheartedly, ra

  • Report probationary member thinking Posted:2007-11-25

    Beloved party organizations:Probationary period, during that time, while I strive to learn about the business, but also focus on improving the quality of political thought. Learning by the party const

  • Join the party ideology reporting - learning Marxism Posted:2007-11-25

    In my mind, Marxism seems very far away from me, usually always felt that our superstructure used to preach to everyone, does not seem very real things that we can grasp live. But think carefully, but

  • The thought report - serving the people wholeheartedly Posted:2007-11-24

    Serving the people wholeheartedly is the purpose of my party, is the fundamental starting point and end point of the party's activities, is the difference between the most fundamental sign of the othe

  • 2006 thought report Posted:2007-11-24

    Holidays integrity Spring Festival on the occasion in a festive, I did not relax their own learning, and special attention to the international and domestic events, and actively use their brains more

  • Ideological and reporting templates Posted:2007-11-24

    Stalingrad (now Volgograd) is a hero of the city. In 1942-1943, the Soviet Red Army in Germany and France occupy a huge advantage launched a big bloody battle for up to 200 days! Ultimately, the Sovie

  • 2005 report to the latest thinking Posted:2007-11-24

    Time flies, about the past semester, this semester, my thoughts are always with the spirit of the party's National Congress's instructions in constant pursuit of ideological progress on the road explo

  • Party members thought report Posted:2007-11-24

    Opened Chinese contemporary history, dating back to 82 years ago, there is a bright spot: July 1, 1927, the great Chinese Communist Party was born! Since then, sleeping Thousand Years of Chinese peopl

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