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  • Borrowers mortgage contract Posted:2009-03-31

    Contract: Mortgagor: _____, hereinafter referred to as Party: Mortgagee: ____, hereinafter referred to as Party. Whereas Party A owes Party B loan (or loans) ____ yuan is temporarily unable to repay t

  • On the contract to defraud the distinction of contract dispute Posted:2009-03-31

    Contract fraud and contract disputes are two different kinds of phenomena, but it has the same or similarities both objective performanceContract fraud crime in illegal possession for the purpose of,

  • A complete financial fact sheet should include the following Posted:2009-03-30

    a production run (a) main business range and its subsidiaries other business included in the final accounting statements for the year within the scope of consolidation of enterprises engaged in the

  • Secured loan contract Posted:2009-03-30

    Lenders: ________________________ Bank; Legal representative: ________ Duty: ____ Address: ________ Zip Code: ____ Phone: ____ Borrower: ________________________ Legal representative: ________ Duty: _

  • Construction project loan contract Posted:2009-03-30

    Borrower: ________________________________________________ Legal representative: ____________________ duties: ____________________ Address: ____________________ Zip Code: ________ Phone: ________ Lend

  • How to write a nice financial reporting Posted:2009-03-29

    Financial Analysis Report (This article refers to the internal management reports) reflect the state of the business, the operation of the fund comprehensive summary and height. However, is not easy t

  • Leave without pay contract Posted:2007-11-25

    Contract: Party: _________________________________ (units) Representative: _______________________ Title: ____________________ B: ______________ Gender _________________ Date of Birth ____________. Th

  • The road freight insurance contract disputes Agent word Posted:2007-11-25

    Dear presiding judge, judge: After careful study of the relevant facts of the case, the evidence and the relevant laws and regulations, as the case the defendant specifically authorized agent, we beli

  • Contracts for the foreign buyer's credit Posted:2007-11-25

    The borrower: ____________________________________ Address: ____________ Postal Code: ____________ Phone: ____________ Legal representative: ____________ duties: ____________ Loan party: ____________

  • Magazine Mailroom contract Posted:2007-11-25

    ____ Community (hereinafter referred to as Party) agreed with the ____ of Posts and Telecommunications (political) Bureau (hereinafter referred to as Party B) Party A Party commissioned in the country

  • Purchase and sales contracts (blasting equipment) Posted:2007-11-25

    Civilian blasting equipment purchase and sales contracts (GF-93-0107) Location: Product Name: Unit: signed contract number: Production plants: grades trademark: signed to allocate the notice ID: famou

  • Construction and installation works contracts (1) Posted:2007-11-25

    Construction and installation, contract Contract Number Project Name: _________ Project No.: _________ Employer: _________ Contractor: _________ Signed time: _________ Signed at: _________ 'Economic C

  • The secured borrowings contract of the Agricultural Bank of China Posted:2007-11-25

    Code: borrower units (households) Location borro

  • Construction and installation, demolition of housing contract Posted:2007-11-25

    Construction unit, ____________, hereinafter referred to as Party; Of relocatees (units) _______ City (County) ______ District (town) _____ Street (Road) ____ No. homeowners (representative) _______,

  • Technology development contract (3) Posted:2007-11-25

    Technology development contract 1. The format technology development contract A contract registration number:

  • Conditional sale contract book Posted:2007-11-25

    The elevation Contract buyer: x x x Seller: x x x WHEREAS purchase Schedule a subject matter of the buyer to the seller, in accordance with the law of chattel secured, the parties have agreed to the f

  • Construction Contract (electricity) Posted:2007-11-25

    The power Construction Contract Project Name Construction unit Construction unit The time of signing Signed at The power Construction Contract Conditions Chapter word meanings and contract documents T

  • Beijing apartment lease contract Posted:2007-11-25

    Beijing Diplomatic Housing Service Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Party) since ____ __ months __ ______ diplomats ___ number of apartment the __ floor, ___ unit apartment ___ ___ Embassy (her

  • International non-governmental trade agreement Posted:2007-11-25

    Seller: _____________ (____ legal address, telephone, fax, legal representative, position) Buyer: _____________ (____ legal address, telephone, fax, legal representative, position) Mutual agreement, a

  • Techniques taught contract Posted:2007-11-25

    Contract: (Township) ______ of ______ County ______ commune brigade (village) ______ production team members: ______, hereinafter referred to as Party; ____ Commune ______, ______ County Battalion to

  • Property management services contract Posted:2007-11-25

    Chapter I GeneralThe first of the parties to the contract (Hereinafter referred to as the Principal Party): Organization Name: ______________________________________________ Representative: __________

  • Non-patent technology transfer contract Posted:2007-11-25

    Transferor: _________ Legal representative or person in charge: ________ Transferee: __________ Legal representative or person in charge: ________ Consultation unanimously by the parties according to

  • Silent partnership Contract Posted:2007-11-25

    The silent partnership Compact book Silent partner xxx (hereinafter referred to as Party B), well-known business people xxx (hereinafter referred to as 'Party A'), hereby silent partnership the associ

  • The gift contract (citizens ) Posted:2007-11-25

    Gift contract (citizens ) Party : _____ ( Giver ) B: _____ ( the Recipient ) Parties under the provisions of the Contract Law of the People 's Republic of China , on the gift to reach agreement as fol

  • Book author's contracts (1) Posted:2007-11-25

    Book author's contracts Author (or translator) Name: Approximations: The writings issued on the name of the (or translation): (The original name of the translated :) (The original name and nationality

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