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  • How to write a curriculum vitae Posted:2009-03-31

    Successful applicants can help you into the most suitable schools according to their own conditions , one can not be ignored . Biographical material of their own situation is a reflection of an applic

  • The skills of self-introduction Posted:2009-03-31

    Personal self-introduction is the the interview real crucial step, because the the antecedent effect 'well known', you 2-3 minutes before the meeting introduce themselves will largely determine your i

  • Resume production of three taboo Posted:2009-03-30

    A ten resume, but with a 34 page graduate schools and professional; cover letter seems to apply to each job-seekers; personal photos are very beautiful; resume English materials more than the Chinese

  • 25 words may have a negative impact on your resume Posted:2009-03-30

    Your experience is really rich do? Before you put your own resume, you must prove it. When job seekers try to sell themselves to potential employers, resume, often filled with vague words, the human r

  • High level resume written Posted:2009-03-30

    If you have a full-time job, and be sure not to experience on the second; If you are still in school, educational background should be placed first. As serving officers, educational background on the

  • The basic structure of the promotions materials Posted:2009-03-30

    Recommendation forms and graduates promotions materials is divided into education, employment or education management agencies in the two types of promotions materials they compiled. Also have a large

  • Resume must be creative? The classic's law rebuttable Posted:2009-03-30

    Interview, on the job, we've read too many rules, but they must do? Today, you pointed out a few in fact not entirely correct 'golden rule'. Biographical part of the resume is always about the same. '

  • University graduates personal job Resume Posted:2009-03-30

    Zhang **Gender: Female Graduated : a city University Date of birth : March 3 , 197x Professional : Industry Enterprise Management (undergraduate ) Mailing address : the certain a city a Zhenmou Street

  • How to write a good resume Posted:2007-11-25

    Recently, Beijing companies in the recruitment of Netease, there are a lot of your resume is not clear, or content lacking, it has a direct impact on the job.To know that in thousands of resumes, firs

  • Fill out the online resume should pay attention to what Posted:2007-11-25

    The publication of personal information on the Internet must pay attention to detail work experience and education experience, this is the two item value for online recruitment unit.Many of the online

  • Resumes of the fatal weakness Posted:2007-11-25

    When he came to me, he had almost given up looking for work as a middle management positions in marketing field.After three months of work prove futile, seems to suffer a big Lei Zhi received three ou

  • To the electronic resume slimming Posted:2007-11-25

    You want to become your resume online best resume?Then you have to ask how many pages of your most popular.There are some enterprises feedback said: 'we are tired of Internet for about a candidate's i

  • The teachers of general letters of reference 6 Posted:2007-11-25

    Respect Leadership: Hello.Thank you for taking the time in his busy schedule of my reading of this letter.I'm XX XX education XX Normal University graduates.Out of the campus and I hope to continue to

  • Intel campus recruitment only accept electronic resume Posted:2007-11-25

    It is reported, Intel has begun to accept the resume through the network.Intel the company over the years in the campus recruitment is graduates attention.In 2003 May, Intel China Company was Hewitt c

  • Part of your resume Posted:2007-11-25

    Name, address and telephone number:Your name, address, and phone number should be written on the top of your resume. You can use your own favorite name and not necessarily legal name. If possible, to

  • Job recruitment advertisements cover letter Posted:2007-11-25

    Newspapers and magazines advertising is the main source of job seekers.Therefore, job recruitment advertising your cover letter will influence the ability to get a chance of interview.Compared with to

  • The students how to write a qualified resume Posted:2007-11-25

    A smart coat is a good letter of introduction.Your resume is self-evident for a job the importance.Specifically, if given the opportunity of an interview, resume even if successful.How to write such a

  • Resume template (nineteen) director of human resources Posted:2007-11-25

    My survey of Name: Gender: male XXXNationality: Chinese political life: members of Qualifications (degree): Bachelor of Business Administration: Tel: 12345678 mobile phone: 139000234Address: Beijing

  • English resume (foreground) RECEPTIONIST (General) Posted:2007-11-25

    Sandy Lin 15/F, TOWER2, BRIGHT CHINA, BUILDING1, BEIJING.QUALIFICATIONS:Over 25 years secretarial/administrative experience.Skills:Typing (65 WPM), Dictaphone.Multi-line Phones/Switchboard, Ten key (1

  • Matters needing attention in writing English Resumes Posted:2007-11-25

    English resume in accordance with Chinese resume writing, must be scold 'fool'.English resume is to enter foreign 'astepping-stone to success', they all by a few words on your resume to judge your abi

  • Your cover letter and resume must do as like as two peas Posted:2007-11-25

    Your resume and cover letter is certainly not the same as, or with a resume to copy of the agency, a few seconds to get a copy of the copy as like as two peas, then the other took the time to write wh

  • Graduates resume very much Posted:2007-11-25

    100 resumes in many qualified?Less than 10 copies.Yuanda Group Human Resources Manager Wang Zhiyu pointed out, the resume is too long, water too much, too humble, too cross flowery has become a resume

  • Effective resume as you open the door to success Posted:2007-11-25

    The most important of a resume, and also the most effective part of job seekers past performance, if you want to get an interview, best method is in your resume to put these into measurable results.So

  • English resume (CPA) ACCOUNTANT (General) Posted:2007-11-25

    Sandy Bin 15/F, TOWARD, BRIGHT CHINA, BUILDING, BEIJING.OBJECTIVEAn accounting position offering the opportunity to utilize my professional financial expertise, extensive business experience, and abil

  • See the 2004 graduates resume Posted:2007-11-25

    The new year, to recruitment, the company needs to add fresh blood in the Ministry of Personnel to face shouting terror, such as the mountain-like resume. Turned countless copies of the 2004 college g

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