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  • Establish an open mind to achieve win-win cooperation - Chinese President Hu Jintao's speech at the APEC CEO Summit Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] energy issues have been global problems, is closely related with the growth of the world economy. Throughout the history of the development of human society, every significant advancement o

  • Fulcrum of life on the party's Posted:2009-03-29

    Teachers and fellow students:How are you!My topic is the 'fulcrum of life on the party flag.Ancient Greek scholar Archimedes said: 'Give me a place to stand, I can pry the Earth' Archimedes did not fi

  • Competition level Orations Posted:2009-03-29

    Distinguished leaders, distinguished colleagues: Hello, everybody! Today, I feel excited, but with some Kuiyi. To the State Board of Education work one year and two months, talk with comrades, communi

  • Class cadre election speech Posted:2009-03-29

    Beloved teacher, dear partners: Hello, everybody! My name is Bao Kexin, today's the first time I stood on the podium speech, and the speech is the first election monitor, at this moment I am very exci

  • Seize opportunities, meet challenges (Director of the Information Network Center) Posted:2007-11-25

    Dear leaders, fellow teachers: Hello, everybody. Today, I took to the lectern of the competition level mixed feelings hearts, the First honored to catch up to challenge themselves, to show themselves

  • Campaign, Deputy Secretary of radio and television broadcasting speeches Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished leaders, comrades:Hello, everybody!Am pleased to have the opportunity to participate in today's election. In this, the organization provides us with such equal competition and show to th

  • Ding speech at Shanghai Jiaotong University Posted:2007-11-25

    Good evening I NetEase Ding Lei, founder, Fan Jiaochang just remarks I want to point out one little error, that is what I read in college is not a computer professional, learn this microwave communica

  • Competition for the generic template of speech Posted:2007-11-25

    Dear leaders, distinguished judges: Good afternoon! My name is ... currently ... Deputy Director. Competition for me today to ... Director positions. Thank you very much to the appointment of party or

  • Competition level speech (administrative office) Posted:2007-11-25

    If winter comes, I come! Does the spring be far behind? Leaders here, you judges, distinguished colleagues, (Please stick you valuable hands from time to time to applause encouraged!) My name is ** wo

  • Speeches of the campaign chief of duties Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished leaders, distinguished judges, colleagues: Hello, everybody! First of all, thank the Party Group for giving me the opportunity to show the stage of self and to display their talent! Midd

  • Competition for speech (5) Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished leaders, colleagues: Hello, everybody Citizens a distrustful scrutiny before deciding to participate in the competition for, have degrees, meditate, and my philosophy of life is not to c

  • Competition for speech ending in several ways Posted:2007-11-25

    For highly competitive competition for speech, Conclusion is a key step in the success of the speaker. Good at the end, as the end of the song 'forte' captivating; end bad, like eating peanuts, eat th

  • The actually post speechwriter (Finance Section) Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished leaders, judges, comrades:How are you!First of all thank the bureau party to provide me with the opportunities for this competition for posts. My name is XXX, aged XXX years old, college

  • Candidate for speeches (Registry) Posted:2007-11-25

    Leaders: Good afternoon: I thank all the leaders for the creation of this competition mechanism for the survival and development of the school, I also had the honor in competition for the Office of Ac

  • The bank plans to the Finance Branch jobs by recruitment speech Posted:2007-11-25

    Leaders, distinguished colleagues: Hello, everybody!Thank sub-branch leadership for us to create this fair chance to compete! In response to the call of the personnel system reform program in accordan

  • Competition for primary school headmaster and Jiao Keshi Director Speeches Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished leaders, teachers: I would first like to thank the trust and support of the leadership, comrades, giving me this opportunity to participate in the competition level speech. I is called L

  • Lands and Ministry of Personnel and Labor Director of Competition for speech Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished judges, colleagues:You are good!Today, thanks to the leadership of the company and the judges to participate in this competition for the opportunity to once again give me.I. First, the i

  • The Procuratorate director of the Office of speech Posted:2007-11-25

    All the leaders, comrades: Hello, everybody! Xx, 34-year-old university graduate, transferring to the County Procuratorate xx County Farm Bureau in May 1995, through 'a push to double test' was appoin

  • XXX, general manager, director of competition level speech Posted:2007-11-25

    Leaders, distinguished judges, colleagues:Hello, the next few minutes, I will make every effort to prove to you that I qualified XXXXXX general manager, director of post.My name is xxx, born in 1970,

  • The competition level Speeches (Labor and Personnel) Posted:2007-11-25

    We are living in a world of increasingly free flow of technology, capital, goods and personnel, the WTO accession, marking China integrate into the economic world without borders, certainly more and m

  • Competition level speech of the deputy director of the Office of Academic Affairs Posted:2007-11-25

    ?Leaders, distinguished teacher night: I called Hu Xu Zhi, very honored to participate in the competition for activities. This is not only a stage to show themselves, more exercise, learning, increase

  • Competition level speech (administrative office) 1 Posted:2007-11-25

    Distinguished leaders, distinguished judges, colleaguesHello, everybody! My name is ** graduate school program-controlled exchange of Guangdong Posts and Telecommunications in 1996, and then work on a

  • Candidate for speech (tax) Posted:2007-11-25

    Leaders, distinguished judges, all comrades: Hello, everybody! First of all, thanks to the the PUC party and the comrades for giving me this opportunity to show themselves and the stage. My topic is

  • Local Taxation Bureau, director of competition for speech Posted:2007-11-25

    Leaders, distinguished colleagues:Hello, everybody A time when the winter frost cold, with the city's local tax agencies and the cadre and personnel system reform comprehensively promote global cadre

  • A public competition for speech Posted:2007-11-25

    Leaders, distinguished judges, colleagues: Hello, everybody!Am honored that I can last appearance speech, first of all, I would like on behalf of the participating players today thanked the hard work

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