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  • Analysis of Wittgenstein's Philosophy Posted:2009-03-31

    One, 'whoever does not say, should be silent' Wittgenstein on the way to the mysterious hazy poetic language ended his 'theory of logical philosophy'.Is this not to quote body works to 10 words, to cr

  • The universal significance of the "structural adjustment" Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] object is composed of elements, things exist in the structure, the structure of things has its own structure and external structure (i.e. the structure of the environment); structure of thi

  • On "the Trinity" discrimination Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: 'the Trinity' has long been a theologian and philosopher of religion are keen to resolve, but had not been solved the problem, though, the current understanding of friendship, but it can be

  • Discussion on relationship between fact and value Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the relationship between fact and value is always one of the core problems of value philosophy, 'value fact' and 'non - value fact' concept, is more helpful to further our understanding of t

  • To the informal logic movement of Western and Chinese logic Posted:2009-03-31

    mathematical logic is widely spread in our country, in the late 80's is about.(a) as a formal system, peculiar kind of rigorous mathematical logic and delicate, really let logic scholars domestic feed

  • Analysis of Adorno "negative dialectics" Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the radical critique of contemporary capitalism is based on the essence of ', Adorno's Negative Dialectics' is a non - the same absolute negative dialectics, against the law.Therefore, 'nega

  • Logical thinking ability of students practice Posted:2009-03-30

    A, demonstrationDemonstration is the selection of some typical examples, through analysis, to set up a model to follow for students.Two, Lenovo Association refers to a phenomenon of a concept and thin

  • Inductive and deductive reasoning in game behavior and its problems Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] game logic (game logic) is a new subject which formed along with the rapid development of game theory, it is a logic of action.Game logic is the study of rational people in the interactive

  • Logical philosophy reflection problems Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] this paper is based on the modern philosophy of logic, from the three aspects of the existing problems are also described and discussed preliminary: as a real individual existence and as th

  • The analysis of the computer thinking logic Posted:2009-03-30

    the 'computer thinking', refers to the 'computer human brain that work'.Because of our current principles of working of the human mind is at least in a state of ignorance, we cannot precisely define w

  • The mutual knowledge reasoning of multi-agent cognitive system. Posted:2009-03-30

    In the multi-agent epistemic system, each subject is a reasoner.Multi-agent interactive knowledge lies in the complexity of inference, this object in the reasoning, not only includes the object world

  • On the logical process of ability formation Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] constitute the basic elements of the ability of individual experience, the logical process of experience is the basis of individual character, the formation of taste and ability level.All t

  • The development of artificial intelligence and modern logic Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] this paper think, computer science and artificial intelligence will be the main source of power in twenty-first Century of logic, and decided in twenty-first Century to logic looks largely.

  • Generics essence and concept Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] generics has a name, on the other hand, tolerate exceptions, this is the most important feature of generics, the main difficulty is the generic sentence of.This feature makes the generics p

  • The role of duality Philosophy Posted:2009-03-30

    Abstract: the draft as I on the strategic position and role of Philosophy in the market economy life in three, focused on the role of duality problem of philosophy, the philosophy is the direct effec

  • The problem of intentionality in the background of Phenomenology Posted:2009-03-29

    intentionality 1 here ready to discuss, first should be as intentionality philosophy problem.When the intentionality as a philosophical problem is proposed, its everyday meaning in philosophical discu

  • Thinking on the logical truth Posted:2009-02-17

    Keywords: the logical truth; correspondence theory of truth 'Abstract: the logic is a science of reasoning, and reasoning is composed of concept, proposition, do not know do not know inference pro

  • Logic and group rationality problem of group reasoning Posted:2008-12-29

    [Abstract] 'group reasoning logic' of how reasoning, and research group reasoning and individual reasoning in many areas (such as method; cognitive logic, public choice theory, theory of Science) of s

  • "Whoever does not say, should be silent philosophy" -- Notes on Wittgenstein Posted:2007-11-25

    One, 'whoever does not say, should be silent' Wittgenstein on the way to the mysterious hazy poetic language ended his 'theory of logical philosophy'.Is this not to quote body works to 10 words, to c

  • Hope the opposition and responsibility Posted:2007-11-25

    Since Descartes in 1644 published 'philosophy', the history of western philosophy to the 'principle' (principium) the name of the book is not rare.In many of the 'principle', the western philosophy of

  • Peirce: the scientist and Logician Posted:2007-11-25

    Abstract: C.S.Peirce is an outstanding scientist and logician in the United States of america.As his occupation to scientists, but often claimed that scientific research is for the purpose of logic, l

  • Description and requirements Posted:2007-11-25

    [Abstract] as the subject to the object of the word - symbol or facsimile, any description must take corresponding stipulation as its premise. standard of the subject made for describing object set, a

  • Dialectical beyond the hermeneutics --- Paul Liko Posted:2007-11-25

    Likol thinks, hermeneutics is related with this process about the theory of understanding.He hopes to make the hermeneutics seriously discussed in this paper, by semiotics as hermeneutics.The center p

  • Rejecting metaphysics -- Analysis on philosophical critique of metaphysics and its limitations Posted:2007-11-25

    Abstract: modern analytical philosophy and the traditional metaphysics as misrepresentation meaningless to reject.The first is Wittgenstein on the basis of the language image theory and thinks that me

  • Creative epistemology introduction Posted:2007-11-25

    [Abstract] creative epistemology is an important part of Marx's epistemology, it is proposed the theory premise and realistic basis.The creation of the main character, the essence of creative cognitio

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