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  • The female translator 'text Meaning of Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: The purpose of the feminist translation theory is firmly opposed to literary works will be women in the lower classes, the philosophical tradition of literature and translation affiliated. T

  • Cultural schema differences and Translation Interpretation Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] turned Ze asked two languages ??conversion card íž boron kinds of cultural ask mutual communication and exchange. However, due to the diversity of culture, resulting in a cultural schema dif

  • Examine alienation translation again Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] translation naturalization policy or alienation strategy is determined by what type readers. The past translations naturalization translation, but as more and more people are learning a for

  • Chinese idioms translation Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] Chinese idioms carries five thousand years of Chinese cultural characteristics and cultural information. Translation is not only the corresponding conversion between the two languages, a si

  • Research paradigm and Translation Studies (on) Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: paradigm is not only a mode of scientific achievements, while the development of guidelines for research activities; Western Translation Studies theoretical breakthroughs often accompanied b

  • On the English translation of Medicine Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: With the increasing international academic exchanges Wide range of medical English has been more and more weight Depending, learn medical English vocabulary, grammar structure Characteristic

  • Chinese English and current affairs and political terms translation Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: This article is from the current political discourse on the one hand to start, the Talking English expression generation, as well as how to properly translate terms such expression with Chin

  • On the English and Chinese language and cultural differences affect the translation of advertising Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] As the product of culture, advertisement directly reflects the close relationship between language and culture. And advertising language is a special art form, which has profound cultural b

  • On the cultural defect in the translation and image conversion Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: Translation, different countries and nations have different languages ??and cultures, the translator in the translation process difficult to find the cultural common core image conversion, o

  • On the Cultural Context and Translation of Chinese Idioms Posted:2009-03-31

    Summary: English and Chinese idioms with a strong sense of cultural identity, the idioms translated properly handle contradictions of language and context, not only translated the image of the primiti

  • Translation of the translation of Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: English and Chinese, there is a big difference. English and Chinese translation, literal and free translation are two important methods of translation. In translation, the literal and free t

  • Ethics Construction thinking teacher professionalization request Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: teachers' professional ethics is the core of teacher professionalism, an important symbol of teacher professionalization. But the emergence of defects in our traditional ethics norms and ind

  • On the Cultural Differences and Translation of English and Chinese figures Posted:2009-03-31

    Summary Any language in the world are rooted in a specific cultural context, reflect specific cultural content. Language figures reflect the size of the objective material world, and the size of the n

  • Of On Intersentence Coherence and Translation Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: This article from the coherence of the text and its species about clause interpersonal continuity conditions and identify the range of contextual constraints translation errors are analyzed

  • Cultural Connotation and Translation of English and Chinese Names Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] As carriers of cultures, Chinese and English names are full of cultural connotations, and result in cultural gap between English and Chinese. Personal names are not only symbols that distin

  • Chinese translation of long sentences in English Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] The aim of this essay is to tell us how to translate English long sentences into Chinese correctly and precisely. It contains the comparison between English and Chinese long sentences, and

  • Translation strategy perspective Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: translation strategy is indispensable in translation teaching. People to explore the translation strategies usually talk about the translation of the dichotomy, semantic translation and comm

  • On the English-Chinese Translation of "shape" misleading Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: The translation process involves not only the conversion of the language, but also involves different cultural conversion. Chinese-English two nations, along with their language, there is a

  • On the technical terminology translation Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: The translation of scientific and technological terminology pivotal position in the English translation should strive to do the translation simplicity easy memory and uniformity. In when scr

  • Financial Translation Teaching in College English Teaching Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: In this paper, the English teaching ignore the translation ability, the generally low status of students' ability to translate on the importance of teaching translation in English teaching,

  • On of public signs Campus Public Signs Translation Methods Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: With the hair, the increasingly frequent economic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign. English public signs the same way as the mushrooming trend throughout the country stations

  • Translating with the application of the theory Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] In the practice of translation, pragmatic language school equivalent translation, theoretical research related theory and context for which can be translated masterpiece, the successful com

  • On the impact of cultural differences on the Text Translation Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: language, culture, translation three closely linked. Language is the carrier of culture, carries a rich cultural connotation; translation is a must to help people cross-cultural communicatio

  • The trademark translation of Culture of the Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: trademarks and trademarks words as part of the language, inevitably affected countries, the impact of national culture and constraints. From a lot of the word mark perspective it contains a

  • About Chinese to English translation principles and Pragmatic Failures Posted:2009-03-31

    Guiding principles for translation of Chinese company profiles and solutions to the pragmatic misfires Abstract: This paper analyzes the characteristics of About Language Company Profile translation s

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