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  • On appropriate technology of Humanities and technology progress Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: technology is nature's activities, with 'human' and 'for the people' dual attribute, is always around people to, are closely linked to &65377 and humanities; humanity is a human universal se

  • China ever "feudal society" Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract about the Western Europe 'Feudalism' is universal and China has no 'feudal society', Chinese and foreign scholars have long debated.For such a large amount of energy into the scholars, and m

  • Free of: share the premise of the public cultural resources Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the oasis Museum as city culture has always been the focus of academic research, from the perspective of the subject of city planning and management is weak.Through the investigation and stu

  • The folk song and loss of life Posted:2009-03-31

    In recent years, 'folk', has been an important field of the writing of contemporary literature gaze and performance, but also a focus and hot point theory.From the earlier Chen Sihe proposed 'folk ups

  • Analysis of modern city life space Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: through the systematic analysis of the modern leisure life, experience life, study life, digital life, green life and personalized living space, reveals the complex relationship between econ

  • On modernity and post-modernity Posted:2009-03-31

    The course of modernization of human society have shaped the modern civilization.Compared with the traditional civilization of modern, modern civilization as an epoch-making revolution, sublation and

  • Gifts of culture Posted:2009-03-31

    [text] Beijing this year, the theme of the forum 'the harmony of civilizations and common prosperity', an expression of our pursuit of the goal.My so-called 'gifts of culture' is in order to achieve t

  • Study on leisure sports in the city function and value in the process of Posted:2009-03-31

    Development trend of leisure sports [Keywords] knowledge economy way of life [Abstract] in city modernization, change of production, way of life, communication has brought certain influence to people

  • Civilization in Asia and the Asian Civilization Posted:2009-03-31

    the we will discuss the questions of the time / what is the current era of the regulation of quality / nineteenth Century is the classical capitalist victory in the conquest of the world on the road,

  • The sixth chapter's discourse power -- the network literature main view Posted:2009-03-31

    we have thoroughly expose the old concept of the self, so we can hardly continue to harp on the same string.......However, the problem is still not resolved.Human beings are some of the things.What th

  • Analysis of the fourth chapter called Wonderful - network literature study Posted:2009-03-31

    literature is on the information superhighway Gougou timely, the mysterious black hole at the galaxy.Although the life no longer, although never play the leading role, but no matter how we set up new

  • On lawyer culture construction Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: at present, China is in a transformation period of great development, all kinds of culture also appeared the contention of a hundred schools of thought, the prosperity of all flowers bloom t

  • The discipline construction of contemporary social culture and Literature Posted:2009-03-31

    Recently, I attended a 'globalization era subject literature construction seminar', the conference of discipline development around the rise of information and the mass culture background literature v

  • On the social culture attribute of modern design Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] the formation of modern design in the early twentieth Century, the mechanized mass production as the premise, to the public for the target audience, including public design theme design con

  • Influence of social culture on advertisement creativity Posted:2009-03-30

    Abstract: to the modern advertising language creation was deeply affected by the social culture.Social culture is the language of advertising creativity from the philosophical concept, mode of thinkin

  • Wealth: "original sin" and historical contribution Posted:2009-03-30

    From the management point of view, the modern society has three pillars: a pillar of government officials.Taxpayers to spend a large sum of money, let them management of e-government, to maintain the

  • Reflections on "ancient Chinese literature search hot" Posted:2009-03-30

    Abstract of the thesis:Ancient Chinese literature search to include all aspects of Chinese traditional culture, national spirit and national soul has common sense, science and technology level, moral

  • Founded on the theory of "pluralistic integration of the Chinese nation, the connotation of" the process and its effect Posted:2009-03-30

    History is not difficult to find, the appearance of any theory is not accidental, but the social demand, practice and meditation sublimation results, at the same time must be on other related theory r

  • Text interpretation of Huntington's "the clash of Civilizations" Posted:2009-03-30

    Abstract: the collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the cold war, let those versed in 'prediction' realism masters be rendered speechless, in fact, whether the new liberalism and the new realism ca

  • Theory and research overview of national, local, public relations Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] in recent years, with increasing attention of historians research on social history, research on the national, local, public relations has become the focus of.Foreign scholars on Western so

  • Dialect Landscape -- rediscovery of the earth Posted:2009-03-30

    From 'vernacular landscape' into 'dialect' landscape ', the landscape will rediscover the earth', again for differences, cultural ecological channel.As the opposition, this paper criticizes the tradem

  • A few points of and thinking about law firm culture Posted:2009-03-30

    The law firm how to keep the stability and sustainable development, and finally embarked on the Justice Department's 'scale, specialization, branding, internationalization' development direction?This

  • Discussion on the construction of harmonious law firm Posted:2009-03-30

    Abstract: the construction of a harmonious society is composed of harmonious society construction units, each unit of the society only achieved the harmony, the harmonious society to become a reality.

  • Ortega y gasset: toward a theory of "mass society" Posted:2009-03-30

    [Abstract] Ortega Igaset is the twentieth Century Spanish an important humanities scholars, philosophers and sociologists.He wrote in the 30's 'mass rebellion', is the earliest theoretical reflection

  • Globalization, postmodern and humanities future Posted:2009-03-30

    This paper aims to explore the challenges and strategies for the development of the humanities facing modern context of globalization and the introduction, in Jameson, Derrida, Mclean and some other w

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