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  • Let China "folk songs" permanent guarantee simple style Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: in this paper, the meaning of 'folk' is sung in the ethnic folk life in labor and has been summarized and refined songs, it has a distinctive local style and national characteristics, and su

  • National vocal music should use Opera performances to express feelings Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the art of vocal music is the singer through the profound connotation works of understanding and experience, to use language to convey emotion art songs emotional ups and downs, complex, sou

  • Characteristics of vocal singing art of modern Chinese nation Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: vocal singing art of modern Chinese national culture for thousands of years of traditional Chinese national vocal singing style and skills, is the extension and new development of Chinese si

  • In the field of cultural anthropology in the drum music Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] this paper. Through the investigation of three different levels of the band, based on field survey reports, methods in anthropological perspective and ethnomusicology, to describe and expla

  • Music performance of Chinese Piano Works Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: in order to accurately show the style and features of Chinese piano works, only to master technical things is not enough, and grasp the aesthetic point of view should also play music thinkin

  • Mr. Tan Tangfu Sheng playing artistic Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: in the history of the development of Sheng, emerged in a great contribution to the development of digital music, and in this digital performer, the author of the Mr. Tang Fu Sheng playing ar

  • Teaching ability of music teachers Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the professional development of teachers has become the dominant sport countries to improve the quality of education, to improve the quality of education, we must improve the teachers' compr

  • Breathing in singing "ten" to "ten not" and its mechanism Posted:2009-03-31

    First, research background and the problems of Looking at the past all the vocal music works, we can find such a phenomenon that at all times and in all countries, many scholars of singing respiration

  • On the stage singing in the body Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the musical performance, must have certain psychological quality and solid basic skills, the perfect unity of form and content, is the highest pursuit of performing arts.This paper focuses o

  • Music education in the role of recessive education Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the recessive education refers to the use of edutainment, teach in paper and other means, a way of cognition and enable the individual to receive education in the influence character by envi

  • Dan aesthetic perspective gender consciousness and culture Posted:2009-03-31

    Western drama requires only become Oriental Opera actors and roles, then asked, 'actor, role of the Trinity, opera performers to complete business is essential character creation tools.As the artistic

  • The essence of Italy to explore the bel canto Posted:2009-03-31

    [Abstract] the bel canto in its production and development process, gradually mature and is perfect and becomes a scientific vocal music system.Bel canto has not only profound skills and reflects a ki

  • Schuhmann vocal divertimento "love and life" women's piano accompaniment style Posted:2009-03-31

    Vocal divertimento 'love and life of women' is Schuhmann a famous vocal works, one of the classical music is vocal music college music majors often selecting.The piano accompaniment with high artistic

  • Moisten things silently -- On Aesthetic Education in the teaching of vocal music penetration Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: vocal music teaching is part of aesthetic education, aesthetic education is realized by.According to the rules of vocal music teaching, the whole process of aesthetic education in the teachi

  • Change the music learning mode under new CurriculumStandard Posted:2009-03-31

    Set the new standard for music in the curriculum goal, specially made clear demands on the teaching process and method, advocating experience, imitation, inquiry, cooperation and comprehensive learnin

  • Reform needs to keep pace with the times Posted:2009-03-31

    In recent years, college music professional curriculum reform has almost become our music workers 'compulsory course', the reform momentum is advancing wave upon wave.Here the author to reform also ch

  • Inheritance and development of Chinese folk dance culture Posted:2009-03-31

    Chinese folk dance culture with the other nations of the world folk dance culture, is the most ancient art form, it passed through thousands of years long time, evolving and influence other art forms.

  • By thinking of the piano grading phenomena leads Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: guzheng is China's oldest plucked string instruments.This paper analyzed present status of piano grading, put forward some teaching in favor of Guzheng art is more healthy development of the

  • Different styles and perception of music Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: Based on the 'Do fixed sol-fa' and 'different compared with the flow of Do solmization' in music perception on the way: in music teaching, not two sol-fa apart, forming one, or that the meth

  • The cognition and practice of vocal vibrato Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: vibrato is one of the important technology of the art of singing, the article analyzes and elaborates the origin and effect from the vibrato, definition, speed, range, use and other aspects,

  • Reflections on the present situation of rural basic music education Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: current situation of basic music education in rural areas affects the overall level of China's music education to a certain extent.At present, the music education in rural areas still exist

  • Exclusion of adult piano Countermeasures of psychological tension Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: piano class performance form the final exam on the stage, which brings great pressure to the students, they are apt to have psychological tension.Through the long and the short of psychologi

  • The use of color in the teaching of piano Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the piano is one of the main courses in higher normal colleges, at the same time, the piano is also a social demand is the biggest utility function of a musical instrument.How to further imp

  • The role of singing psychology in singing and teaching Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: the art of vocal music is to express thoughts and feelings with music and language songs, singing psychological quality and mental state is good or bad, to the vocal music learning and singi

  • Talking and singing art thinking in images Posted:2009-03-31

    Abstract: Thinking from first to last all combined with a vivid image is called image thinking.In the singing performance of image thinking plays an important role, not the image of thinking there is

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